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Position: Quality Supervisor
Number of people: 1
Treatment: Negotiable
Job requirements: 1. Familiar with quality control process and control methods, good at using QC tools to analyze and solve problems
          2. Familiar with electronic and electrical safety regulations (3C CE, etc.)
          3. Familiar with general electronic and electrical quality standards and requirements
          4. Proficient in ISO9001 quality management system
          5. Able to compile quality management documents
          6. Accept and complete other matters assigned by superiors
Position: Warehouse Management
Number of people: several
Treatment: Negotiable
Job requirements: 1. Sincere, enthusiastic and responsible;
          2. Have certain knowledge of mathematics and physics, and be more sensitive to numbers;
          3. Experience in warehouse management and skilled application of 5S is preferred.
Work content: 1. Responsible for warehouse 5S management, implementation and implementation of visual standard management
           2. Responsible for receiving, sending inspection, preparing materials, issuing materials, and returning goods according to the process, orders, and plans according to the plan
           3. Responsible for warehouse management
           4. Responsible for the execution of the inventory plan
           5. Accept and complete other matters assigned by superiors
Contact: 0750-8524111-851 Miss Zheng